It’s Here!!

Hello blogging world..

Finally, I have a blog. I have been wanting one for so long now, it gives me a reason to actually use my laptop. I’m primarily a tumblr user but I never actually feel like I’m ‘blogging’. Technically I am but all I would do is reblog, not actually voice my opinion. Too many people from school followed my tumblr anyway so I made this blog.

Here I will post pictures along with a story describing what’s going on, song lyrics I am writing, rants about my life, etc…

Kind of typical I know but I need this. I need some sort of sacred venting place seeing as I really do not have one. I have a journal where I would just be ruthless. I would write about everyone and everything, especially my mom. Of course with my carelessness I would just leave it sitting out in the open in my bedroom and she ended up finding it and questioning my sister about it.

Moral of the story: Use the internet to vent…or a therapist.